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First and Foremost I'm a Mom.

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Some recent photos of my two boys. We rarely ever get any real quality shots, they're mostly just candid of my kids as they never want to chill and sit still for more than two seconds.. i'm sure you other Photographer moms can relate to this!!

Anyhow, today i actually got them ready and we all headed out to the park where we had gotten our very first ones done, but now i do them myself! Plaid shirts, jeans, my new fabulous photography bag full of my new gear and we were off.

Two of the many shots i took turned out great! i loved all of them but these are my absolute favorites!


My boys. Hayeswood. 6 years and 3 years! Nov.7, 2018

Then they're is the tear! Or full on tantrum from my 3 year old, but darn it he sure looks adorable in this one.


A silly face.

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